Temporary Airbrush Tattoos

Temporary Airbrush Tattoos are a very popular form of
entertaining art because it's appeal is not just for kids, they are great fun for teens and
adults too!
*Airbrush tattoos are enjoyed by persons of ALL ages, from one to ninety-nine!
*Airbrush body art is fun and temporary! It allows your guests a way to express
*Smiles! Airbrush tattoos have the ability to bring a smile to anyone's face!
Set up comes with over 450 designs to choose from.

Airbrush tattoos are 100% safe only use FDA approved ink, safe on skin and able to
come off with alcohol wipes or baby oil and can last from a few days to 2 weeks.

$100.00 per hour per airbrush artist
(Artist can do approximately 35 tattoos an hour)
Minimum 2 hours
Frequently Asked Temporary Airbrush Tattoo Questions

Q: Does it hurt to get an Airbrush Tattoo?
A: This is one of our most commonly asked questions. The answer is NO! If anything, it
tickles a little. When the curious minded approach one of our artists for the first time, they
immediately notice the artist pointing a tattoo gun at the individual being “tattooed”.  Since
most folks are not very familiar with the airbrush, it is often mistaken for a real tattoo gun.
This peaks interest and adds to the intrigue, which in turn helps build huge crowds.

Q: How are tattoos applied?
A: Tattoos are applied via airbrush utilizing non-toxic cosmetic body paint and one of our
custom stencil designs. The area is sterilized prior to application then set with setting
powder to ensure instant drying.

Q: How long does an Airbrush Tattoo last?
A: Our Airbrush Premium Body Paint Airbrush Tattoo's are instant drying, water resistant,
and can last up to two weeks or can be removed instantly with isopropyl alcohol or baby oil.
The duration of the tattoo depends mainly on how it is cared for. Here are a few simple
instructions to follow in order to maximize the duration of your Airbrush Tattoo.

Pat dry: after bathing or swimming
Powder: after bathing & once a day
Avoid: direct contact with oils, lotions and soap
Remove: apply rubbing alcohol or baby oil

Q: What kind of designs do you provide and how many?
A: We have over 400 stencil designs, most people can choose from popular tribal
armbands to butterflies and everything in between. We provide a little something for

Q: What kind of paint do you use, and how safe is it for the skin?
A: Our Paints are Multi-Color, designed specifically for application to the skin. Produced in
the USA with FDA approved skin safe ingredients, our premium body paints are instant
drying, and can last up to a week or two and can be removed with rubbing alcohol or baby

Q: Do you use Henna Products?
A:  No, we do not recommend the use of henna products for the
following reasons. Henna products have in fact been banned by the FDA for use on the
skin. Many individuals display adverse skin reactions to henna (ranging from mild to quite
extreme) creating obvious liability factors to consider. Henna products are not instant
drying, thus if the henna design is smeared during the staining and drying process, it will
remain in that condition for the duration! It can not be removed if needed.
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